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wow this subjective BS about "winning by skill" is just hilarious...

I've met every kind of whiner in my online travels... I read in another thread that put it best: the only way you can win without people complaining is to have them fall off ledges, that way:

there's no force involved,
no guns,
no saber throwing,
no afk killing,
no saber-off killing...

to be honest, I could care less if I win a board and every single idiot on that board says, "You're a no-good ass-fighting pull-backsweep-spamming lamer." I know I won, if a bunch of strangers I've never met/will never meet in my life think it lame, too bad for them, I think a lot of you should feel the same way... why are you so obsessed with impressing some anonymous geeks online? because you look cool while fighting? finding the woman of your dreams is cool. graduating from university is cool. getting a high paying job is cool. having good friends who can rely on you is cool. being praised by people you don't know for your "stylish saber fighting" in a videogame that is based on a piece of fiction may be cool in your own mind, but won't get you far in life, sorry. (unless you're a professional, which truth be told, most of us AREN'T, and aren't even close)
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