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in a game that scores off of kills and nothing else, whoever gets the most kills has the most skills. bottom line.
Well, following that line of logic, people should just DL hacks and aimbots and get the highest score possible. Thats the bottom line, after all. Who cares how they got there?

I also take it you had no problem with the DFA bug? (read, BUG) I mean, being killed by a sabre 6 inches underground is ok, since all that matters is kills, right? Right?

afk kills are available to everyone
people who have health can be killed
people afk are relatively rare in the grand scheme of things
I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here... game hacks are availible to everyone. So are AK-47s and nuclear weapons. That doesnt make them right, does it? (well, ok, nukes are allright... )

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