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There you are man! been looking for you heheh. Haven't been able to find that server I saw you on the other night! LOL

Just PM me or start a thread adressed to me sometime and maybe we'll hook up and put the smack down on some folks or eachother?

Anyway thanks for backing me up a bit, We had a great game that other night and yeah you did put a few moments of hurt on me real good hehe

Though I wouldn't say I'm wonderful at this game *blushes*

But I will say I don't suck either LOL.

anyway thanks for the backup, always nice to be remembered from servers ETC. As I said I was wondering when I would see you on the forums again, we seriously should plkay sometime. I'll set up RW or somehting and our own server and pull in some bots and few friends maybe for some FFA + dueling action? Just let me know

til lthen I gotta figure out how to configure servers to play the way I want em too (heheh X force power disabled, but y still in for balancing ETC). Once I figure it out, I will probably put up a semi dedicated server and ask possible regulars what thier preferences for server setting are so I can be sure to make it likeable to everyones tastes.

Anyway yeah see you around man

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