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LOL @ ewok

Thats what usualy goes through my mind too, cept when it's exploit spam... then I just close my eyes and wait to respawn so I can pick up where I left off..

I think the point is though many people don't play this game just for points... Although we all like winning, many of us like to play to pretend like we're Jedi or something (ghey as that sounds it's true). At the very least we want to be entertained by flashy saber fights (well I only speak for saberists on this comment), filled with variation and eye openeing jaw dropping moves.

I and many others have never thought it was fun to kill noob spammers. what yoiur describing is exactly that... a noob spammer.

Not a dedicated master of spam...

these are the trolls that bore most of us. Can raven do anything about it? All they could possibly do is make the risks associated with those moves higher somehow... Look at the DFA. Before it was spammed endlessly... Now? I rarely see anyone do it more than once if ever.

Why? well some say it's nerfed, these same people told us all to adapt and get better at countering it... but now how is it I can land it plenty? Is it because I am using like it's intended? As a finishing move? I think so.

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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