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People who use backstab alot aren't looking for a good saber fight. They are looking to get the most kills that they can in the least amount of time. In most other FPS type games, those two things go hand in hand to some degree. To get alot of kills, let alone alot of quick kills, you have to be very skilled at a certain number of things, aim, timing, prediction, and so on. Granted there are exceptions (people who use the BFG all the time in Q3, the awp all the time in CS, Gluon in HLDM, use whatever fruity noob cannon Unreal has, etc).

Now, in JK2, the most powerful attack can be performed over and over again, can't be countered if you are near it, requires almost no skill to perform, and is intended to be a defensive move. The way it is now, an ass fighter won't even leave himself open until after the move is done carving a near 360 degree swath around him, and he can't even pull off the move unless he is right near someone.

With blocking having been raised so high, you would expect the padawan charging around backwards swinging the lightsaber around to be an easy kill, not to be leading the server in kills, because every time you try to attack him, he can trigger a move that has the potential to kill you right away.

And pull-backstab? Come on already. Every time you pull someone and make them fall, face the other way and then do 400 damage, you make black baby jesus cry.

I can't imagine how you think that would not be lame. You are, however, free to do it all you like. I in turn, am entitled to call you a lame ass when you do it. Leading the server does not always make you a good player. Try watching two ass fighters battle it out sometime. When I type "WOW DOOD YUO R TEH BEST!", I'm not whining. I'm laughing.
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