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All sarcasm aside, I still don't see why people complain about "move spammers".
It's because they're lazy, H.E.

Tonight, a young fellow by the name of "OneDrop" was whining in a Blueyonder duel server about being light stance backstabbed by someone else (not me, this time) and asked the spectators at large whether they thought it was lame.

I responded that there was a counter to almost every move, (even if it involves NOT BEING THERE TO BE HIT, ie. jumping out of the way.)

He promptly asked me to teach him how to avoid it. I replied that he should learn it for himself.

He spent the rest of the game calling me a "c*cksuckARZ!!!1" for not telling him. He accused me of hating newbies. He accused me of sleeping with farm animals. He accused me of being skilless.

Typical, I thought, and proceeded to defeat him in as many annoying ways as possible.

But that's why in my opinion. They're lazy, they want everything handed to them on a platter. They don't want to build up hand-eye co-ordination, they want the game to be slower and easier instead. They don't want to learn counters to the various techniques, they want the techniques to be weaker. They don't want to lose because they haven't practiced enough, they want to win despite their astonishing lack of skill. Raven tried catering for them in 1.03 IMO. But Raven must realise... whiners will never go away, no matter how much you appease them, because there will always be people who have played more, and will beat them. And then they'll whine.

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