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It's because they're lazy, H.E.

I responded that there was a counter to almost every move, (even if it involves NOT BEING THERE TO BE HIT, ie. jumping out of the way.)

He promptly asked me to teach him how to avoid it. I replied that he should learn it for himself.
I actually blame stupidity more than laziness, and sometimes ignorance. Because of the possibility of the third option, I generally try to explain things to people--especially the ones that ask. If I can help create one better player...well I'm doing more than most

Plus my style does not lend itself to spamming, so nothing I have told people can really be spammed with any success. I don't even know how to be an 'ass-fighter' and I've never done backstab or DFA...once in a while I do the medium special, but it's only on accident. I actually usually do pretty well, on the NF servers, usually more wins than losses

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