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One thing I have noticed about this game is that there is a major gap between the good and the not so good. The "average" players seem to be fewer in this game than others.

I have been playing FPS's since DOOM. I have played just about every major FPS released since then, and honestly, I have never seen such a huge difference in the overall level of skill between players as I have in this game.

Pretty much any game that came out over the last 4 years fell into one of two categories:

1-Space Marines with big crazy guns.
2-Terrorists with sniper rifles and machine guns.

If you have played online for some time it's not too difficult to pick up one of these games and within a few hours, be quite good at it. Sure you will not be the best, but you will be good enough to make the top 3 of most servers you play on.

But in this game you have people that pay attention to what works, and those who do not.

Jedi Outcast, with the combination of guns, sabers and Force powers really makes you think about what tools you use to attack and defend yourself. No other game makes you ponder "If my opponent uses "X", I better counter with "Y".

There is no "run around the map picking up rockets and armor" strategy.
There is no "spawn camp the other team with a PSG-1" strategy.

Honestly, I have tried teaching players how to stop the moves I use. I have stopped during the middle of a match and told them exactly what to do when I come after them in the next few seconds. Hell, I (and about 900 others) have even posted the counters for this or that move in these threads. Still responses tend to be nothing but flames, cries and insults.

Half of the players are sick of not being able to get the upper hand. The other half is tired of repeating themselves to those who do not wish to listen.

Oh well, I think I am going to go drink a Foster's, climb up a tree and pee on the heads of some Stormtroopers...
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