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Originally posted by Spider AL
But that's why in my opinion. They're lazy, they want everything handed to them on a platter. They don't want to build up hand-eye co-ordination, they want the game to be slower and easier instead. They don't want to learn counters to the various techniques, they want the techniques to be weaker. They don't want to lose because they haven't practiced enough, they want to win despite their astonishing lack of skill. Raven tried catering for them in 1.03 IMO. But Raven must realise... whiners will never go away, no matter how much you appease them, because there will always be people who have played more, and will beat them. And then they'll whine.
I agree with you more or less. DFA didn't need to be made useless. They just needed to fix the "I can still kill you with the tip of my saber as I pull it out of the ground" problem, and make it so you couldn't turn so much in the air. That way when padawan move spammer does the move for the 11th time in a row and goes flying by you, you could set up to counter him, instead of him turning to kill you as you move in. Instead they made it rather useless. I barely see anyone doing the move anymore. Instead, I see people running around backwards, and now, they dont need any timing, any set up, and they can do MORE damage than before, and with a smaller window of vunerability.

Even DFA spammers still would be involved in, you know, actual saber-vs-saber fighting stuff in between doing the move from time to time. With backstab, it's just people backing up while going for the instant kill over and over. Or, the slightly evolved version, the pull and backstab. Granted, this takes more set up, but it still seems so wrong to pull someone down, then turn around to pull of the most powerfull move in the game.


I would much rather have the back attack be an unbreakable defense move that knocks the attacker backwards a little, thus letting the person who was attacked turn around and fight, then have the back attack be an unblockable death stab.
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