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Originally posted by Nathan Wind

I guess it can be said that i have an effectiveness rate of at least 95% when i use pull, so i guess you can see where im coming from.
That's kool, I can respect that. At least now you are talking to me rather than at me.

The theory of force powers as they apply to being a gunner are actually quite different than how they apply to saberists. But dont mistake that for some kind of "evolved gameplay" especially if that is whats bugging you. So perhaps I just wasnt explaining myself correctly. When I die as a gunner it is by the following things in the following order.

1) Other guns (includes detpacks etc...)

2) Passive force powers that send me falling to my death. On levels like Nar Shadda this usurps #1.

3) Agressive force powers (Grip/Lightning)

4) Lightsabers.

And it is very definative. So if Im whining/complaining/whathaveyou, it is that Lightsabers and legitimate use of force powers should be near the top of the list. Not the bottom. It's not that I am so good that I never get hit by lightsabers or agressive force powers. Its just that they usually dont deal enough damage to kill me before I kill my aggressor. And this is a fairly common trend for me.

The only reason I even brought force powers into the topic is because they are what really allows me to do this. If I were to hop on a Jedi vs. Merc server and I play as a gunner, I usually get my ass handed to me on a golden platter. The only reason I get to have a gun is if the Jedi decides to let me keep it. Without the Force Jump, I just dont have the speed to make it in and out of a saber's kill zones. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. THATS how force powers got involved. The power of Jump alone speaks highly of this. Guns are NOTHING without Force Powers backing them. That's why I refered to both guns AND force powers in relation to sabers.

And Im not sure if you are aware of this, but Push/Pull DOES defend against having your weapon pulled. I just spent the last hour testing this on a closed server. I served a game and had another computer in this house join as a player. I walked around and picked up as many weapons as I could carry and then on the server I hunted this player down. Bear in mind BOTH the server and the player had Push/Pull maxed. When I used the server player, I could NOT disarm the unmanned player whatsoever. Not even once. I tried from every distance and from every conciveable angle and every combination inbetween. And in all of this I couldnt even pull a single weapon out of the hands of the drone player.

I love a good fight...

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