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Originally posted by GooglyMoogly

My second point goes to Ten Toes or whatever his name is... Absorb is the bomb now. Why waste points on Push/Pull when absorb not only negates those, but everything else as well? Having push/pull at lvl 3 to counter other push pull is pointless. Save some points and go either push OR pull and dump some into'll be surprised. Don't get me wrong Push/Pull have their place, but to max both for the purpose of negating others is foolish, unless of course you really just want to use it to push people off ledges or pull/backstab.
Yeah you better get sarcastic with my name cause that's about all you got. Absorb constantly eats force. Push/Pull do not. Even tho the force drain on absorb is relatively small, you CANNOT regenerate force while it is active. Now make 2 or three large jumps with absorb activated. Watch what happens to your force bar. Absorb is a nice power. I definately use it when Im sabering. But when it comes to gun running I prefer Push/Pull. It's more conservative, just as effective against Push/Pull, and can be used offensively. It may not cover lighning, grip, or drain, but this does not concern me. If it did I would use absorb.

So thank you Mr. JKII Guru, but your logic is s#it and so is your attitude. So stick with your gut instincts and keep your stupidity out of this thread.

Someone named GooglyMoogly trying to make fun of my name.

You really DONT think things through very well, if at all, do you?

I love a good fight...
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