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Hmm I like it

the defense move concept. give it some mediocre damage (higher by a few points than the normal hit of the style), but make it knock someone back a yard or two...

In fact if memory serves this is more or less how these moves used to actually work!

before all strikes would knock youback if they where powerful enough. blue hits would just tap you slightly to the side (barely noticable), yellow would do a bit more, and red could be used to knock you off of catwalks.

Now since hit or miss you stay put when your hit, you will always take full damage from certain combos so long as your in the wrong place at the right time.

For example: before when a blue backstab was done to you, it would knock you back and away from the backstabber, doing some decent damage but not so much to make anyone cry about it.

the only way to inflict fatal damage with the blue backstab was if the person was backed into a corner.

thus I am taking back one of my orriginal opinions. see I used to feel that 1.03 didn't enable ass fighting, and it srpung up cause someone suggested it on this forum. But now I realize that even before 1.03 sure you could do it, and even kill with it like now, but the hit would knock even a fallen enemy away durring the first second of the hit, thus doing only initial damage.

Next time you get backstabbed watch how the damage is done to you. It happens very fast, but it happens in quick spurts. Not sure how much for each milisecond or whatever (though artlifex I think has the numbers somewhere on his site). But there is definately kind of pulse to how the damage is done.

Another example of this is in the red stance downward chop. If I chop at you, and you arn't defensive I can actually hit you for more damage than you normaly get for a red stance chop. Effectively hitting you like one and a half times. This can actually turn into a near one hit kill against an enemy who just spawned!

Before you would be knocked away the second you took damage and thus only take the base daage unless uyou were backed into a wall or corner.

We need to bring back this knocking affect I think.

I bet it would even curb a LOt of pull stabbers.

and again to all who think people are just whining when we say things about the backstab in particular, and possibly saber throw. Understand this. Just because YOU and a few mythical others can counter it, doesn't mean it is fair/balanced properly, or what most of us would agree was on ravens mind when they made the game.

If you think raven intended folks to be running around backwards or using exploits like the pull backstab/sweep every second or two, don't you think somebody would have said somehting to that effect by now? Don't you think they would have given us less things to do besides just those two techniques?

this Is just a game, and thus peoples concept of winning at any cost is as easily laughable as people who take this game too seriously. If it's just a game then me asking you nicely to stop spamming pull backstab shouldn't be like a request to be spammed with that for the rest of the map. Hell I can't wait till the day I put up a dedicated server on this game and kick and ban pull stab spammers (do it once ina while fine good for you, do it four times ina row and we need to talk...).

then I can listen you these same people whine that I am a loser for kicking them off a server I OWN, that I PAY for...

anyone who knows me will attest that I try my damndest to play fair, and if I DO set up a server everyone is invited to come and play sometime, just follow my rules and nobody will get hurt know what I mean? If you don't, please foreward me your IP adress so I can ban you ahead of time and save us all some trouble LOL.

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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