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Yeah you better get sarcastic with my name cause that's about all you got.
Ignore Googly, he's violently insulting.

As for pull, there are many ways one can pull a person's gun, no matter how much force they've allotted to pull and push themselves. I'm sorry Ten, but it's just a fact that nobody resists pull when it's done *PROPERLY.* There is no debate about this point. Many people don't know how to use it properly, but that doesn't affect its innate effectiveness as a power.

But that's why nobody's complaining about pull, because IT TAKES PRACTICE and it takes TIMING. People (myself, an advanced player and tournament champion no less, included) are complaining that absorb is too powerful because it really does bias the game in favour of lightsiders. I am a lightsider, and even I recognise that the dark side has been made weaker in 1.03 with no adequate way to injure a lightsider AT ALL, when the lightsider can simply do whatever they want. Push, pull, whatever. The darksider has no defence.

Now, let me put it this way: two players of equal skill fight. They can both pull guns pretty well, and they both know how to use all the force powers pretty well. They both conserve ammo well. But here's the snag: One chooses the dark side, the other the light side.

The game won't take too long. The lightsider will pull the darksiders gun, he'll also pull him OVER, and he'll shoot him or sabre him while he's prone. Again and again. Now, using absorb does indeed deplete your mana stock, but EVEN MORE SLOWLY in 1.03. Very slowly. And it's invisible, meaning that people will tend to try to pull you a lot even if there's only a slim chance that you're not absorbant. That feeds your mana stock. No, Absorb is unquestionably the only defence many people will need, and it really doesn't take any skill to use, it's passive and self-sustaining in a FFA. People feed it all the time.

Having said all that, I completely agree that sabres have just been made LESS effective in 1.03. All that 1.03's done is made a lot of campers, by decreasing the ammo on all maps. Simple. Terrible.

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