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nice thread....

cool to actually do some reading instead of lame moves all the time(as u guys call it....see ur point doh).

Started playing around a week ago, and goal in multi player games is to win(of course). MAinly i got my butt kicked the 3-4 first days..and now with push/backstabbing combo, i win...ALOT.

The problem with the move is that people get kills so freeking fast....its just to do a pull, roll and kill...constanly. Most people dont have a clue about how to counter it. I belive i manage to counter it around 50% of the times or so...if 1 vs 1 fighting. In a "mob" chance....everyone are running backwards and 1 hit is usually instant death....sigh....Beeing able to beat a "backstabber" in score is impossible when u use different fighting styles(I belive)(well..guns and capture the flag is exeptions). the **** can i WIN(lol..i NEEEED to win or at least have a fair chance, without rolling and backstabbing all the time) and STILL play fair...?

If anyone got a name of a server where that can be done....tell me...please..

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