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Play the game and have fun and stop whining on the forums.
C'mon gimme a break. Seriously. We are not whining. This post is not about "backstab whores, I cannot counter them". We are beyond that

This is about game balancing. If players new to the game can easily rack up kills and only experienced players with deep knowledge of the game can find a way to counter this, the game is out of balance. Period.

Even if you are skilled and counter backstab, say by quickly hitting protect, it's not even really a counter. It just keeps you from being killed in an instant.

Normally it is the other way round, the skilled players kill with ease and the newbies have to look for a way to counter it.

People always say "just play the game, it's all in there for a reason". Well, get real, cause it's not. Or do you really think Raven intended players to fight butt first?

So there.

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