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but it is that simple. truth be told, the only thing that is hurt is variety.

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here... game hacks are availible to everyone. So are AK-47s and nuclear weapons. That doesnt make them right, does it? (well, ok, nukes are allright... )
You are trying to make a moral argument. In a game, morality is based exclusively on winning. Wheither winning has to do with aim, strategy or point allocation, winning is still winning, and to consistantly win takes skill.

I only play on pure servers.

However, you made a point about hacking programs and how they were available to everyone.

If hacking the game is the factor in winning, then hacking becomes a skill and whoever can hack the game the best wins.

Conversely, shutting out hackers also becomes a skill.

Hell, if being blind ass lucky is the determining factor in winning, than being blind ass lucky becomes the DETERMINING SKILL.

AFK kills were never the factor in winning, and when they became one, then yes, afk kills require skill, as in who can get the most the most efficiently.
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