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Gunners always had an advantage over saberists, even prepatch (although in prepatch they weren't as dominant as they are now.)

For Prepatch
If you take out the skill factor, you essentially have:
a) A lightsaber which does 30-100 damage melee that can deflect shots.
b) A gun which does similar damage, and IS RANGED.
c) Force powers

The pure lightsaberist has access to A and C, whereas the pure gunnerist has access to B and C.

However, C is not consistent with both styles of play. If the force mastery level allowed a set amount of force points to be distributed to a set of skills, the saberist would have to distribute 0-13 points to offense (ideally 13 for the offensive swings), 0-13 points to defense, and 0-18 points for throw. This left little room for other force abilities.
On the other hand, the gun-user could use those 0-44 force points on force skills, thus giving him more access to item C than the saberist (which should logically have more access to item C.)

I don't want to get into an argument about whether item A or item B is greater prepatch since there seem to be many people who claim to "kick ass with sabers against every gun user" (although I believe this to be more a deficiency in the gun user's ability than a proficiency in the saberist's ability.) However, it is unarguable that the gunner has greater access to item C.

Item C remains the same- gun users have more force points to spend. HOWEVER, this problem is slighlty alleviated since nearly all the force powers now SUCK.

But if you look at how item A and B was tweaked, they really did not do any balancing.

By reducing ammo consumption, the gun user now has even more incentives to avoid (extended/close) confrontations, instead spamming crowds then running to restock. Thus, gunners play even more defensively now- which, combined with their increased force points, makes it even more impossible for the saberists to reach them.

By reducing saber damage and increasing blocking rates, saberists have an even weaker incentive to pursue gun users, since it takes nearly four times the amount of swings to kill a gunner than it used to, and if there are health packs/shield generators around it could prove impossible to kill a gun user with sabers only (unless you pull/backswing him.)

Thus, the saber vs gun imbalance has only been exascerbated by this patch.

Hopefully Raven can expand upon the jedi vs mercenary mod (I've never played this yet) that they've already implimented, as I believe it to be a step in the right direction. Perhaps jetpacks to make up for the mercenary's lack of force jump, special goggles to make up for lack of force sight, a flamethrower equivalent to lightning etc. would fill in for the lack of force powers and make both classes enjoyable to play.
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