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*The swoosh of the lift door opens*
Helm, belay that order. We don't need those X-Wings, as fine fighters they are, our TIE Defenders can take anything the enemy can throw at us.

*Cracken now was in his Imperial Uniform, the Traditional Admiral uniform. Cracken hated it, but had to keep up apperances as a regular admiral. the only addition to it was a long flowing black cloak, a symbol of his Sith and Dark Jedi heritage. a glimmer showed a bent lightsaber... a lightfoil, as the old knight used to call them.

That type of saber used an old out dated form of lightsaber technique, which was aimed solely for defeating other saberists. Darth Tyranus used it, to much effectivness against Kenobi and his apprentice, and Master Yoda during the battle of Geonosis. It was out dated, as the new ones were used primarily to block blaster fire, but it was leathal, and not to be underestimated.*

In fact, i have enouggh for two extra. you, and your bounty hunter, deac.
*Cracken gave a smile that could make a Wookie shiver*

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