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Stratus the biggest problem with your view of things is that you assume 'gunner' means someone who refuses to use a lightsaber.

At this point, it simply means someone who doesn't role play with the lighstick and uses the best weapon for a given situation.

I have no problem with using a saber, and i'd use it more if it didn't put me at such a disadvantage. I still use it probably 10-15% of the time even *with* the patch, simply cause i get my weapon pulled every now and again, and it's good protection while im looking for a different weapon.

If this were class based, which would be a really interesting take on the game, your assessment would be entirely correct. As it is however, the lightsaber is just another weapon to be used like any of the guns when the situation calls for it.

What needs to be done is to boost the saber in relation to the other weapons, not against the type of player that only uses a gun.

Someone sticking to a single weapon should be at an automatic disadvantage, even if it *is* the lightsaber.

Using different weapons strategically has always been a big part of this game, and if the saber were made more powerful it would make it worth using in the context of a game with guns in it as well.

It shouldn't dominate, and it shouldn't be worthless. It should have at least as much use as either the golan or the repeater.

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