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a suggestion about saber combat in mp

i've noticed since the patch that unless you're using heavy stance you've got a snow ball's chance of getting very many kills against someone else esp. someone using h. stance. i dont know how many times using yellow that i've backed a red user into a corner and unleashed hell on their ass only to have them stand there and kill me with a handfull of hits. the whole stance system is out of whack. what i propose is very simple and believe it will solve everyones gripes about the subject.

level out every stance so that they all do the same damage and have the same defense. thats the simplest way to have them balanced, just have them all the same. what then would be the point of having the stances? mostly personal preference and style and secondly for a different variety of moves and attack angles. i really think that this would be the best solution for this particular problem the patch has brought us, i dont even know where to begin on the force powers. but let me know what you think about this little thought i had, and maybe if it sounds good enough, raven will run with it.
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