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I can do the thing the comp dose with greand troopers Thing is you hace to control them all the time you jsut wairt for the antmtions of them pulling the string to fire and bonud them abck the adnes already in the air by the time you isssue the command. The comp can jsut do it with like 10 sperate ones at a time. Im not sure what range issue you speak Of casue Greadne trooper outranges a HDD.

If he brings up his DD in line and they stay fraily close to that formation greande troopers are the best conuter. As the spalsh takes them out whole sale if they cluster. they need some edge in numbers but not a big one 1 on 1 they will always lose but when used in groups their power of clusted mechs is god like. A few AM as abckup are good to.

If they spread out alot MD are the best they can take a HDD one on one which is what a running battles with spread out units tends to become.

Fighters unless used in HUGE numbers are not going to take them out before they can run to AA bombers might work but still HDD might be fast enough to escape.

Gungans are the best race to conuter them Since all their units get sheilds.

Jedi can also be effctive if only as a way to spread out the DD and keep fire away from your conuter units. THey can take alot of hits its almost like they have weakness against jedi but I somewho dought it.
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