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Well....for me the backstabbing move was kind of a periode...*lol* Like when i was i kid and tough it was really funny to say word as ****, fart...ext. Now i KNOW backstabbing works as im getting tired of using it and wanne learn how to do more moves instead... 24 years old now...and some of my m8`s are still in the "fat, ****" guess some players wil keep on doing it to the game get more balanced... said by other people also - i am NOT here whining!!!....just here to talk about the backstabbing. Perhapst the best way would be to start a ABS Group(Anonomus Backstabbing Support group)
. Im now properly rehabilitated, and i will try to help anyone who wants my help!. The ones who worries - ill kill u(try at least)!!...thanks for the rehab guys!

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