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Question Definitive Dismember, anyone?

Hello All,

I've read soooo many different posts about how to enable dismemberment in both SP and MP, and they don't all agree with each other. I've tried many of the suggestions, including placing all of the possible codes in my autoexec.cfg file to cover all possible situations. Decapitations and amputations abound when running my own bot server, so I know they work... but I'm not sure how well they're working, or if I'm seeing all the effects or not.

If anyone experienced could share their insights here, it would be greatly appreciated. I see alot of threads asking about it.

So what do these each do? Are they SP, MP, or both? Are they cheats or cvar commands? And how are they best added to a CFG file, instead of being manually typed in the console?

g_saberrealisticcombat "0-100"

g_dismember "0-100"

g_dismemberprobabilities "0-100"

cg_dismember "0-3"

Thanks in advance for any clarity.

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