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I used to not kill people who had their saber down or were talking. But times have changed.
I was in a saberfight with another guy and I was winning. He lowered his saber and the chat bubble went up. I waited and he said nothing. Chat bubble went away and he drained me and eventually won the fight. The worst part is that he beat me because I was a sucker.
The next time we fought it started out the same way, the chat bubble went up...but this time I cut the SOB's head off. He protested and I told him why I did it. He denied the earlier encounter but I knew.
My new moto that I live by is "You are unwise to lower your defenses"
Look at my name, it even says Darth. I am evil. I don't care anymore if your saber is up or down, chat bubble up or not. If I see you I am going to try to take you down by any means necessary. If you don't like it too bad. Vote kick me off server? Works both ways, I can vote kick you too. Of course I've never been kicked before...

Bottom line is if you are gonna chat go into specator mode or IRC or somewhere that I can't find you. Because if I do then you're going down.
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