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I dunno, there are certain situations in which type killing is ok. That situation with the duel is one of them, Darth. I'd be pissed too. But I wouldnt extend that anger to everyone. After all, the majority of players out there dont pull nasty tricks like that.

Yeah, if somoene pulled that on me, it'd be DFA, pull/sweep, typekilling bonanza on his ass. PO him to no end.

One situation I know I would kill a typing opponent is if he was in the middle of a big sabre/gun gangbang. I'd be sayin "Dude, your an ass..." and cut him down just cuz he's in my way. But if I come around a corner and theres a guy hiding in the corner, sabre off, obviously trying to keep out of the way, with a chat bubble over his head: I'll leave him alone. I'll probably meet him later anyway, kill him then...

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