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I agree with Lucky on this issue... All weapons have different advantages/disadvantages, and anyone who wants to use one weapon at all times is silly in my view. As silly as a person who aimlessly runs around levels with only a bryar pistol. Sabres have their uses, in different situations, and of course the sabre is stronger in most situations than certain guns such as the disruptor which has little power at close range, and simply weak guns such as the DEMP or bryar. But that doesn't mean that the sabre is all-powerful, nor should it be. In Jedi Outcast every player has "jedi powers" whether they're carrying a gun or a lightsabre. So when a player picks up a gun, he's not a "merc" or a "gunwhore" as some people think, he's a Jedi... with a gun. A Jedi with a gun is, and should be a force to be reckoned with.

There was always an option to play on sabres only servers before the patch. Frankly I think it was the laziness of a certain element in this community that caused Raven to nerf so many things about the game; they were constantly yammering about how guns were more powerful and needed nerfing. Well that was nonsense. The guns were well-balanced with the sabre, in that there were techniques one could use to disarm and/or get close enough to a gunner to kill him. Instead of biting the fricking bullet and going to sabres-only servers, they sought to disempower those who enjoyed target practice as much as fencing practice.

Well, Raven patched it up anyway... but of course it didn't have the desired effect. Sabres are much less powerful now, which means guns are more desirable to use... But there's less ammo, which means more people camp.

Negative negative negative effects. There is very little positive about 1.03, bar No Force sabre duelling mode. That is the only mode that was improved by the patch, and all the others were nerfed.

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