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I Hate 1 Hit Kill Moves!!! Get Rid Of Em!

I HATE 1 HIT KILL MOVES!! I don't want to duel thinknig I could die on the first hit! I want the game to be styled around MY STYLE of play so that I can't lose to those 1 hit kill move users! Because in real life when I make a mistake I should be given another chance! I don't want to move out of the way of the 1 hit kills! I want the 1 hit kill users to be vulnerable so that I can kill them easily so I win! wah wah wah! It makes dueling less fun for me! Even though it's fun for them, I want it to be fun for me! wah wah wah! I will not change, I want you to change it Raven mommy! wah wah wah! I want it so I never lose and that I always win! If I lose that means someone is being cheap! and I'm going to report it here! wah wah wah

(sorry...hehe..just a post with a teeeny bit of sarcasm)
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