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hmm..I see

yes I'm bantha fodder...funny how YOU base my skill level on my posts on the message board? LOL

Well, in response to your 'bantha fodder' remark..

go to

go to 1v1 nf ladder

find my name.

now go to CTF ff ladder

find my clan (SofD)

okay. there.

Now, they are lame? Luck hits you say? Well if they are luck hits, there shouldn't be a problem because 'luck' would mean occasional. Therefore a skilled player like yourself can and should be able to take the 1 hit wonders most of the time. Oh, and did I say I used 1 hit kills? I dont' think I mentioned that in my original post.

Oh and medium being the best stance? That's hardly the case. Maybe now in 1.03 it is, but during 1.02, heavy stance required the most skill. Like I told anyone in a server, use heavy stance, beat me with it, and then call it all luck. Granted DFA was bugged with the 1 hit kill AFTER it landed, but the rest of heavy took the most skill and timing. It was the slowest, and at full health, still took 2 hits to kill, just like your medium. After each heavy attack, you are left vulnerable. To not die from using heavy mode and NOT I repeat NOT using DFA does require skill.

As for 1.03, medium IS where it is at, but medium ALSO has a 1 hit kill move, which I'm sure you're aware of. The fact that you die from 1 hit moves shows that you need to touch up on your dodging skills and rely less on the auto block.

I'm not flaming you, please just have some solid evidence before calling me a Bantha Fodder. lol
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