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LOL... what was so violently insulting about my post?

Just so you know...I really did forget what your name was...I wasn't trying to be funny...just too lazy to go back and look up your name while I was posting. I knew it was ten something..wasn't sure what though. intent was not to flame or insult anyone.

You're right...absorb does drain force, but it lasts much longer now than it did before...and unless the person you are fighting is spamming push/pull it doesn;t need to be on all the time. I frequently turn it off and on and rarely do I run out of force.'re all a bit too sensitive.

Spider...I'm sure your comment was due to the post I made in your infamous thread. If you feel better judging my character based on a few small posts then go for it. In truth I am one of the more level-headed honest individuals you are likely to meet.

I believe in fair play and I don't feel that winning is the most important thing. I have opinions about this game just like you all do. I am free to express those opinions and disagree with yours as much as anyone.

I'm just tired of complaints about balance because even though I can do all the things that would give me a HUGE advantage in the game...I choose NOT to use them because I'd rather win a good fight than one that requires little thought or skill on my part.

Glad you all enjoy this game as much as I do, but please, before you get insulted at my posts take a few deep breaths and realize my point of view is as valid as yours.

Have a day!

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