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That's not what I'm saying, all great players do not use it. Actually, I found a partner for the 2v2 tourny who is medium saber based. This allows for various different counters. Medium does require a LOT of skill, but same with HEAVY. It's all I'm trying to say. And sorry if I was making fun of those people, but I go overboard sometimes when people complaing about the 1 hit kills. I think if they spent less time posting on here, and more time actually in the game finding ways to defend against it (get a friend, make him use the 1 hit moves, find his flaws) Then you will be more skilled than ever, I'm not saying they are unskilled, I'm saying that if 1 hit kills are the only thing that they cannot defend against, if they learn to defend against it, They will be considered VERY skilled. Imagine if all users knew how to counter the 1 hit kills. Boom, instant toning down of backstab/sweep spamming WITHOUT a patch. people will just be more cautious when using it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone in here should rely on their own skill rather than Raven to change these things. Everyone has the potential, no one is a n00b to FPS that's on here. I'm sure nearly EVERYONE has played JK1 here also. So everyone is or can be good. It just requires a little less asking for Raven to change things, and a little more going in the game and figuring out counters.

I tried to make this as UNOFFENDING as possible, please dont' start flaming me. I do not intend to hurt anyone.
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