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very hit kills are part of the game. learn to counter them...and if u get killed by one hit wonders thats your fault for sucking bad enough to put yourself in that position. I kill people with one hit moves all the time because people put themselves in that situation where i can do it. If oppertunity presents itself..take it. or it could cost u YOUR life. now...people that run around backwards all the time is a diff. story. those people are the ones that suck and have no skill. but if u can duke it out for a bit and THEN use a one hit kill cus say someone stayed behind you too long or sumthing..go for it. but dont spam..i use roll/pull backstab or backspin maybe once or twice a duel, and kicking is another way to knock ur oppenents health down or knock him down and lunge..hehehe. but dont piss on the people that kill u with one hit moves..its ur fault for putting yourself in their one hit kill range. like it or leave it.
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