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yes..scripts are annoying...I'm not sure if this was a script, but I was in a duel a while back, and I got into a saber lock, and was pushed down to the ground in less than a second.. I was clicking pretty rapidly...didn't know how he did that.. But I thought it was just a bug.

But just to say, Scripts are like...hacks right? giving players an unfair advantage (like OGC in CS). It's bound to happen, people will make them. It has nothing to do with the actual move itself. So asking Raven to take away the move doesnt' really help, for there will be some other script to give players an upper hand again.

It's sad but true, just find a couple good servers where there are regulars on, and have some good battles with them.

Our clan servers are quite lamer free, so I go on every now and then and have a good time talkign to the regulars.
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