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*A new contact flies by Cracken's Eva at high speeds, and amazingly distintigrates his fleet! all of it! Anger swell,ed and he turned his eva toward the planet. his anger boiled, and Eva started to break loose! It's helmet which contained it's head came unhunged, and it roarded with ferocity! The Eva brought it's hands back, swirling with Dark Energies of the Sith and the Dark Side, and when he brought them togeather, a massive evergy blast 2000ft wide eminated from the Eva.It streaked toward the planet, and destroyed it!

The Eva, now iwth it's wing out streached, moved with increadible haste to the main protoss fleet. There, he will kill. and kill. and kill untill there is no more to kill.

Inside, there was an empty Nerv suit. A meter showed. Synch ratio:1000%. a small warning light blinked.
Cracken and Evangelion Unit 01 were now one.*

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