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New game type

Well old game type but still its the greatest. Last man Standing; present in UT and MoHaa and probably all other fps games this is by far my favourite. Purely for the fact that dying is made so much more important and winning so much more satisfying.

instead of a frag limit ppl have lives. In the team last man standing games in MoH everyone only has one life, your team wins when they have killed all the members of the other team or the time runs out. The server would change maps after a certain number of rounds. Too much fun " Die red scum ".

Anyway in UT there was ffa lms where u all had 10 or 15 lives and the winner was ' the last man standing '. I shouldn't need to explain why that rocked.

This game type wasnt included with MoH on release but it didnt take long for a mod to be released, Why oh why are we the only fps community left to suffer this fate. Being denied such a rightous way to proove our god like ways of combat it's a pity for us all and I count us as damned.

Last Man Standing Rox, there can be only one........

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