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This game is very button intensive. There are voice recognition programs for this game that you can set up force powers so you can "use the force" with your voice and leave movement and saber fighting for your fingures. Do you think this method is cheap? My brain is calculating the correct tactics and options to kill my opponent, I am just not stumbling over buttons trying to do it effectively. Is that really cheating? Scripts are a part of the game and every game on the market. The game commands are public domain.

To use a script to execute multiple commands or to customize the configuration of your keys can be just as abused as the "stock" set up of game commands and keys. Spammers, lamers, and those that abuse powerful moves at the expense of gameplay will always exist. I think you are confusing this fact and making a gross generaliztion of all people that use game commands in script format.

Real cheats bypass the game commands all together and remove the human brain from the equation either partially or totally by giving the player the ability of the gamer to do things no one can do with game commands alone. Like tracking players, striking when sabers can't block, and moving quicker than set speeds. These are the real cheats that rob gameplay from everybody on the server by removing the human from the human/gamecommand equation.

Most script select guns in custom orders, switch to the last weapon used, change gamma, change models, change volume, customize netcode commands to the server you are playing on, and much more. It is challanging and rewarding as a hobby. Script have a very legitamate value in games.

Don't let the lamers and spammers confuse you and please dont make gross generalizations and stereo types of people that write and use scripts and binds.

Flame me without a rational thought to back it up and I will post a script designed to pis you off. (that I actually had the brains to write myself)
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