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you can even set up a server so it runs LIKE 1.02 but is still 1.03 enabled.

some things will still remain such as no turning durring the red DFA for example. But you can fix a lot of the damage setting etc I am pretty sure.

Just most people don't know how.

i saw a thread on this just a day or two ago in the appropriate forum for server hosts.

go look it up there. Either make a server that runs like this, OR find out who does.

I don't think many ARE running a server like this. But with 1.03 a LOT of admins didn't know they could completely configure servers the way most do now. and fewer still, know you can even tweak the server to run the game a LOT like 1.02. In fact about the only things you can't put back to normal are the animations of some attacks (DFA), and I think the Damage arc for sabers is harder to fix (though I could be wrong). However you can either raise damage with some modifier, OR at least reduce the blocking ability serverwide for sure (one of the two definately works).

just try and find the thread.

It should be on the first and second page in the right forum I am pretty sure...

However This is only my constructive criticism for people whining about 1.03. My destructive criticism for you would be calling you a whining so and so, with a few colorful metaphores... Ironically, a month or two ago you would have been calling all of us whiners for saying the game needed a patch or somehting... and now look who is whining?

sure maybe this isn't really a whine, but I'm not a LEC fanboy either. I am just sick of this crap... the subject of 1.03 vs 1.02 had just about died for a week or two, and now like weeds these threads are popping up all over the place again... Return your JKII, Spam raven with protesting pettitions, whine in the forums to ring back 1.02. It's old, it's dead... give it up... Either that or enjopy the damn SP game... or do as ewok said. The game doesn't suck, even if you feel the patch does. One bad patch CAN't ruin a game unless the patch is the only thing you can play (as in EQ for example).

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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