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Gadget makes a good point

Scripts don't = evil. However like guns, it's not the script thats evil, it's the slob using them.

voice recognition SF for making it easier to do something that SHOULD be easy? Great I'm all for it! I can see me yelling PUSH! PULL! DARK RAGE! and waking the whole house up the first night I got one of these things. why is this ok? because thiungs like force powers are simple one button activation abilities. like swinging your saber or opening the chat box.

however for techniques and moves?

The two most common scripts I have seen are the kick script, and the saber lock script.

first of all let me say that without question though I may not be the fastest gun the in the west I got DAMN good reflexes, and can win or tie almost any saber lock with just about anyone (not all but most).

the same goes for kicks, I can usualy beat if not equal the amount of kicks I can pull off successfully as almost anyone.

Ie I can usualy equal or beat the tie for getting the kick off first.

Hell in Karate I can throw 14 punches in a single second! (great but not legendary hehe, more than most people though).

but like I said I know I'm not the fastest button hitter out there, but I CAN tell when someone isn
't simply faster but is using a script for the above mentioned situations.

i met a guy with saber lock scripting. Every single time we locked, he won within a bit less than 2 seconds. either A: he had rapid fire on a joystick (possibility for sure), or had a saber lock script (someone on this forum had even made one and bragged about it. prolly buried way back with the 1.02 sucks rants).

I've met some GREAT people at saber locks, and goten beaten enough to know how it feels when you are fast but the other guy is a bit fater. Usualy the lock stay in play for a WHILE, and usualy becomes a tie if it lasts too long.

If someone is physically faster than me the lock doesn't end in less than 2 seconds, even a slow two second count.

so whats up with the guy who can get in saber lock then knock me down less than 2 seconds later no matter how fast I hit the fire button? Impossible? No... Most likely had a script or rapid fire? HELL YES!

Kicks. either through a script or again with auto fire, the new kicks in 1.03 can be done as fast as they where done in 1.02 even to the front.

Before one tap was enough, now one tap is still enough. you just have to hit that once before the other guy can hit his jump twice.

What does this mean? even if I am ready and planning to do a kick the guy with the script, or autofire can actualy kick me before I can hit my jump key a second time, so long as he remotely has some good reflexes.

If it takes me a few miliseconds to hit the jump key twice (fast), the guy simply has to hit it once in the same amount of time. This is entirely possible! since I have to jump before I can kick.

Now what if the guy has a higher ping than me (which is common since I am on cable). then it becomes REALLY obvious.

Once I charged the scrip/aotfire enabled guy, with one hand on foreward, and both thumbs on my jump key to maximize the speed of hitting the jump key (how quickly can you tap two fingers from oposite hands on your desk. seeminly instantly right?).

I did this five times and every time he out kicked me. even when i obviously started it first!

Your Pc can regester scripted actions MUCH faster than you could ever hope to press a single key twice!

thus all he has to do is hit the key once and poof. Jump kick.

I never claim someone is a scripter, or something without REALLY testing it, and watching them. thus the events I am talking about arn't just grudge complaints. Why hold a grudge against someone you will probably never see again ever over somehting so minor?

So my point is, scripts or at least autofire, when used in this way I consider a grey area kind of cheating. Ie not really cheating, but when overused and exploited it Is cheating.

Thus if you have a script for pull backstab... which I hear CAN exist, simply a case of telling the PC to activate force power pull, turn 180 degree's, then back and attack with the proper delay. I would say they can turn faster than you could trying to do the sae thing manualy since the turning with the mouse is only as slow as your hand and mouse sensitivity.

I'm no programmer or know anything about the fundamentals of writing a real script (though I hear it's deceptively simple, and just requires knowing how to set up the file, and the commands for executing things).

So yeah when a script is used as an exploit to get frags, or have an unfair advantage like with kick spamming, backstabs, or saber locks, I feel it should be frowned upon almost as much as true cheating (wall hacks, aimbots ETC).

heck I think you can make an aim bot just by doing certain scripting, at least you could in CS.

so yeah scripting itself is not evil, especialy when used to set up force powers ETC. Why would that be unfair? It just makes setting up your config take less time, and you know won't screw it up in your frenzy to join the servers action.

However when you script to gain unfair advantage by making difficult moves easy, your basically cheating...

I bet you if I had the exact sae scripts as these cheaters, I could outscript fight most script users. simply because script users have a crutch. and when put on an even field they usual suck.

The best though is beating a scitper or cheater without being lame. HEHE the same goes for pull backstab spammers...

In my book if I kill the pull backstab spammer half as many times as he kills me or more, that player must REALLY suck... no matter what map we are on ETC. I make sure to tell them that too

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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