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Originally posted by HandsomeDan
I guess it all comes down to whether or not people want to be moral in a game. Do I? Yes. Am I dumb? Apparently to the people who "speed kill", but not really. Some people want to just win in life by any means. Some people don't want to win life by any means but feel it is fair in video games. Some people want to be moral in life and video games. No big deal. It pisses people off, but only because "it's their way or the high way"(bing called a lame whiner noob). I get mad when people start attacking me while I'm readjusting my force powers, but then I get out of the menu and push 'em off a ledge. If the game isn't limiting in the way it is played, than it will be played in all ways that are possible. Some people play "honorable" some people play to win. This is true in game and out, and if you can't accept it your in for a big surprise in real life.
We can accept it in real life. But we play games to escape from the world every once in a while. Which makes it really crappy when people are more whorish in a game than they are personally. Some people might want to win quick in games, but if it isn't fun then its pointless. And as stated earlier in this thread, if that's your idea of fun then you're a jackass.

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