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hehe np googly

sooner or later I will PM you when my friend gets back from his family trip. He isn't very good, but plays by the "non lame-fun" rules, and has some potential in that area.

I found a great program to do all the grunt work for me, it's called Jedirunner. Sure it's not perfect, but for what I needed done it does it just fine.

a few clicks and away I go.

so I'll PM you when i know I will be playing ETC, and when I will be running my server for a few hours (me there or otherwise).

My server times will however be weeknights after 11 PM EST about 90% of the time. the rest of the time will be before 11 on nights I don't work, and on rare occasions on weekends when I'm not out at work or drunk making an ass out of myself trying to get some girls attention heheh.

the server should be up for around 4-6 hours whenever I make the effort to run it.

Unless I give you a password for it, if you see a password on it, it's cuz I am testing somehting out ETC. But if you have a password feel free to jump on in and we'll play. I will most likely keep it password protected for a while to keep out lamers, and only let in fun people I know.

Might even do some lite role playing once in a blue moon for those interested. Not like hi there my name is demangel whats your name role playing but like: "ok guys, heres the setup for this map/battle. One team has the best player as a master with one padawan of decent skill, the other team of four has the rest. the first two are Jedi for example, the four dark jedi/reborn (some motivational reasons will be given for the battle situation, like The object is to be the first to kill the other team once. no respawn until one team is dead. if you want to spawn don't jump into the fight and go to the staging area." stuff like that.

Little things like that if everyone is in the mood for it. Kind of like grouped duels. Or duel of the fates fights but with twists.

currently My server should run in a fairly stable capicity with 4-6 players max so long as the pings are low enough (less than 150 for example, my max ping setting is at 150 to keep it safe). I am on a fast cable connection (optimum online, fastes cable connection in the USA or so I am told by all in the know. though a t1 or O3 would allow more connections at once with less trouble, my cable SEEMS to do fine for 10 or so on all other games, and so far it has run stable with 4-6 with only momentary lag at player joining on rare occasions (hiccups). so maybe one day well get ten people together and see how stressed my connection can be without being over burdened.

Until I get a hub/router or whatever and a second hand Pc capable of running the server program it's all on one machine.

So until I learn how to be an admin from within the game (not sure how to set up admins in JKII so they can work from the console for banning/kicking), I will be keeping the server private to those I know will play nice. or at least be entertaining

General server setup is Nf limited force (Once I turn on force power I usualy turn them all on save for lightning and sometimes saber throw, but with padawan points at most usualy).

However jump will always be available at FF level. Jump is too much fun to disable, and too nuetral to be used wrong unless you got a kick script or autofire or somehting

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