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i m a programmer and ocasionally a scripter and i created a few scripts for jk2.
Actually the first one i created was a force powers configuration one :
when i play light q,e,capslock,r and f are bound to lightside powers
and when i press a key ,i switch to darkside ,binding all these keys to darkside powers.

(the effects only start when you respawn(ie dead))

These kind of scripts are usefull and i use weapon selection scripts too.
You could easily create scrpts for every situation Demangel exposed except for the headshot one.

A saber lock, kick or 180 backstab would be easy to write.
I don t really consider that scripting is cheating it only depands on the person that uses them. If he is spamming the move again and again it s anoying , but if he only uses once in a time as everybody (without script) would do it s fine for me .

btw i use a blue lunge script (shame on me !)
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