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He didn't say you could set everything as it was in 1.02, just most things - just because Demangel didn't directly mention the backstab doesn't mean it's "fixable". Yes the backstab is exploitable, yes the old DFA was exploitable, just leanr to play the game, and put up with the fact that someone BEAT you for a change, cheap tactics or not. If you are half as good as you think you are, and they beat you by cheap tactics, what does it matter? You're still good without the cheap moves, and you can feel smug in the warm glow that you are better than they are.

I spent an hour last night on a server where one person spent all their time kicking you over, saber throwing you and then slashing you as you got up. It was irritating, but I didn't complain, I just tried my best. In a straight fight I *might* have beaten them, and it would have been nice to know, but that's the way things are sometimes.

And at the end of the day, what does it matter how many kills you got? Sure it's nice to GET kills, and even nicer to be one of the top people on the server, just don't except it to happen all the time.
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