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Hrm .. I never had a problem with the heavy stance DFA in 1.02 .. it was highly avoidable.

The backstab on the other hand is pretty bad.

Go to most 1.03 servers and spec out the top score players.

This backstab issue is like someone using an auto-BFG in Q3. I'm sure ID would release a quick patch to fix that, if it were a problem.

As for being a whiner, no, I'm not.

It's the people who whined about 1.02 that helped push for a release of this POS 1.03.

I for one didn't want ANY changes in 1.02.

Now the game is basically totally different - it's basically mega-nerfed dark forces - super nerfed kicked (yes, it's very difficult with having to double tap) - ultra auto defense saber combat - with an exploit that's one of the worst I've seen in game history - the backstab.

The best move in a game shouldn't be from running around backwards and stabbing people. That's just silly and stupid.

It's very sad. JK2 1.02 was some of the most fun I've had in a game since Quakeworld rune/tf/dm. It truly required skill because everything was up to you - nothing automatic, nerfed, etc.

Since 1.03 there's simply no fun in the game anymore.
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