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Sorry, I didn't think I called you a whiner, and I certainly didn't mean it. OTOH I don't agree with complaining too much about things you hate about the patch.

OTOOH (or the original hand :> ) I find that I prefer the new double tap for kick. Yes it's harder to do, yes it less reliable (for me at least), but overall it works for me. Odd I know. I think the damage should have stayed as it was though. Oddly enough, I also like the new saber blocking. I HATED it at first, wanted nothing more than to strangle the idiot responsible. Then I played for a while. Then I got used to the way it works. Now I know, it's more fun, making a saber fight more cinematic and interesting (and funny to watch blue stance spinners bounce off your defence before you splatter them). It is another change I think is for the better (but I'd have been equally happy without it)

I agree about the backstab being more powerful than it should be, but the people running around backwards are surprisingly easy to avoid (once you have identified them), and only the pull/bs'ers are a problem. The simplest fix would be to prevent backstab/swing from hitting people on the gound or getting up. (I saw this in another similar thread).

Your last point, the one about the DS powers, could you expand on that please? I'd like to know exactly what they changed (for better or worse), since I normally play LS, and never had much experience with the dark side of the force.
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