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Thanks for being civil, I appreciate it.

Yah, the dark force drain is really nerfed - it takes up so much force energy to use, it's almost non-functional.

It used to be a great way to kinda even the playing field - and strangely enough, it was a counter-balance to another dark force power - force lightening.

If you noticed in 1.02 the lightening people didn't run around and kill as much - and there's a reason. When someone did a force drain it would knock out most people's force powers in the area - including those using lightening.

Have you noticed the strong amount of lightening force useage in 1.03? If not, check it out the next time you play.

The other one is force grip"

It used to be that so a person could pretty much grab you and choke you to death - or carry you to a ledge and drop you off.

I never used force grip much but I found it fun and challenging to fight against, because there was a high chance of dying fast if something wasn't done about it immediately - it made the game fast paced and aggressive.

It was easier to kick back in 1.02 and easier to be kicked - so there was much more challenge as well - and kick was probably the ultimate, 'when all else fails' last resort move - easily avoidable, yet very effective when performed.

That's the key to balance - make things avoidable yet powerful when used properly - not nerf them to the point of becoming barely useful.

That's what I don't understand - people think when I complain about things, it's because I exploited these forces/kicks/etc.

On the contrary, I found them fun to defend against because they were challenging.

The same goes for saber combat. The lack of ultra defense in 1.02 was more challenging than 1.03.

In 1.03, aside from backstabs, a person can literally be standing still and rarely die. Try to kill someone who is just idling.

The new patch is simply boring to me - it requires less player ability and more management of automatic defense + ultra nerfed forces/moves (with the exception of backstab - the instant JK2 BFG).

It's like as if in Quake 3 they created a patch so the rail gun had sway, the rockets fire only every 3 seconds and move real slow, and you run out of steam when jumping too much, and you automatically dodged weapon shots from a certain distance.

Nerfing things just hurts the gameplay.

For instance, if the sabers were less defense oriented (like in 1.02) it wouldn't be so easy to go backstabbing people, mainly because you would have been always vulnerable in all situations when close to anyone with a saber - no auto defense.

In fact, from what it looks like, the backstab itself hasn't really changed, what has changed is the saber combat defense, which makes it so a backstab person can get real close (while automatically defending himself) and perform the maneuver.

In 1.02 the backstabber would probably have died 5 - 10 times before pulling off the move.

Hope that makes sense.

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