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I feel like the only true newbie

(WARNING: minor whine, not much)

At first I will admit this, I am totally crap at lightsaber fights, i have had kills but I generally avoid Duals (because I suck badly). But this doesn't stop me from playing it over and over again because practise means perfect. Unlike some people who are crap I dont cheat, I dont bend the rules, I dont use scripts. I have only ever performed one successfull backstab and a few swings.
I am annoyed by the amount of people without talent who dont practise. I feel like the only person who is crap and not cheating. Also I am light side, I use absorb and heal as my allies and dont lightning spam. I am good in teams though, i stay in defence and defend to the best of my abilities, i dont interfear with duals, i have a sort of code of respect (though if they have the're lightsaber down it's there own fault.

Does anyone want to train me, help me bring up my skills so I can strike down vengeance on people with no talent. Or train me up so I can show these n00bs true skill and maybe teach them. This is a fun game and I would like to keep playing this (even if I am totally crap at it).
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