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Originally posted by QuietSith
Now the game is basically totally different - it's basically mega-nerfed dark forces - super nerfed kicked (yes, it's very difficult with having to double tap
Originally posted by QuietSith
It was easier to kick back in 1.02 and easier to be kicked - so there was much more challenge
I didn't play this game before 1.03 was out, but from these posts and, well, everything I have read. I must say that double-tap added some challenge to the game. You said that yourself, that you find it hard, well, isn't that more challenging?

And about the backstabbers, ya I agree, they are lame above all definition but I've learned to counter them. Normally I just jump over them and kick them in the face. They aren't that hard to kill once you know what to do.

As I said earlier, I haven't played before 1.03, but I enjoy the game, I enjoy it alot. So IMO the game hasn't been ruined (since I play it, and I don't like alot of games )

Well, I hope you get a change of heart and start playing again
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