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This isn't the movie, this is JK2 MP.
And JK2 is an arcade action game. and Arcade action= fast, frenzic, exciting fun and tons of action.

Too much realism in an arcade game is bad! Just look at the difference in flight sims, some of em are just arcade, everybody can fly those planes, it's fun, and played by many players.
And you have those hardcore, "read the 300 page manual before flying" flight sims, it's fun for those who dig it, but they don't play it for the action, they play it cuz they love flying, and they usually sit in their planes for over 20 minutes without doing anything else than looking at the scenery.

Now JK2 isn't supposed to be like that. You want a Jedi Simulator that's incredibly realistic to the movie's fighting: go create one. Raven wanted to create a fun arcade game, nothing more nothing less.

We should step down from the "more realism is better" point of view. We should concentrate on a way to combine a bit of realism and fun/action/arcade together. But the main focus should be on the fun/action/arcade part, because this is a game. It's supposed to be fun.

Just look at JK1: during saberfights people were swinging in the open air (due to the lag-thing), gunners weren't aiming at their opponent, they were aiming where they'd most "likely" be, people were going as fast as lightning, no realisme at all!! But a lot of people are still, to this very day, playing JK1 MP. And JK1's like.. 4 years old!! (you might not've liked it, but a lot of people still do).
Why do people like it= not because of it's amounts of realism, but because it's fast as hell, and it's hetic and frenzic and it has a LOT of action. They love it because it's a fun game!

I don't care if Kyle suddenly turns up with lightsabers attached to his feet, if it's a real great succes and a lot of action and fun and everybody really loves it: let him fight with his feet. It's a game, everything should be focused on the fun part.

It's a game, everything should be focused on the fun part, not realism. If realism adds to the fun= great. If it doesn't, leave it out.

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