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Now let's make everything that was changed (except for the removal of cheats, and bugs) server-side options.

Now let's add those options so the admins can change it and the clients can filter them in or out.

What do you think of that?
It's a very nice idea, but places an awful lot of variables in the hands of server admins. I personally wouldn't like to scroll through a list of 50+ variables to tune my server the way I liked, and it would also make it nigh on impossible to search for a server you liked (and when you did find one, it would be with a 450 ping)

That's the main problem with that idea, but allowing some of the more gross changes may be do-able, and that was the core of Demangels post. I believe one of your concerns (saber blocking) is DEFINITELY a server variable (I've seen it, but cannot remember it of the top of my head), but I have also seen that it may change it too far the other way.

However, the ability to change the costs of force powers (not use costs, but purchase costs) might be interesting (make it a text file the server reads in), as it would allow you to handicap force powers that you felt were too powerful. A more direct control over blocking chances (so you had a spread of values rather than on/off), and a way to increase/reduce the overall saber damage (working on a ratio basis) would also be nice, but my point about finding servers with settings you like stands :>

P.S. It looks like you are from England. Seems most of my English gaming friends know how to carry on a more intelligent and civil conversation than my fellow American ones. A pretty sad statement for America.
That I have seen, but equally, I've seen a number of UK morons as well (no names mind, my absbestos underwear is in the wash). It just seems like America has more because, well it does. But only by numbers - I suspect the proportions are the same.

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