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Alright folks... half this topic has gone off cource. Please re-read my definition:

"Said Script Kiddies are anyone who thinks it's clever to use pre-writen scripts (little programs) to cheat at games (or to hack computers, but that's a different rant)."

I did not make a thread called scripts suck. I said "SkriptKiddiez" suck (those of you who are observant will note the use of l33tspek to ferther define the target of my rant).
The key consept here is "cheat". If you can't do it without a script, then you shouldn't be able to do it. If it gives you an unfair advantage, then any victory you have is hollow. If it enhances your game play experiance WITHOUT messing it up for others, great!!
Bottom line; ask yourself "is it me, or my scripts?" If it's you, congradulations! If it's your script, then hey, you're a Script Kiddy and you SUCK (please re-read the entirety of my defenition, uninstall all games from your computer, and hide your face in same for the rest of your days)!
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