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Originally posted by Sutek
Do you have any idea how many polygonjs are required to DO a human face? And NOT have it look brain damaged? (no offence intended to anyone out there)

At least they made the attempt with the in-game NISs, others might have switched to actors (which would have cost more, and the characters in the cutscenes wouldn't look anything like the ones in game) or even just used subtitles.

Sure it looks funny, but I play the game for the gameplay, not to complain about how unrealistic the imaginary faces look...

Graphics effect the gameplay heaps... Sutek. Take for instance if the looks of the lightsaber was like a 'metal pole' then the player wouldn't be as satisfied, thus, will not achieving maximum satisfaction (which he or she could have).

Also, you said it's difficult to create a human face. Well, all other games have done it pretty good.. i'm sure it would be a walk in the part for Raven
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